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Microneedling Meso Facial – $150

Microneedling is a treatment when use very fine needles that puncture the skin creating tiny Channels which helps to deliver meso therapy ingredients like Hyaluronic acid multivitamins and amino acids to the skin Microneedling Meso treatment improves hydration tone and texture of the skin Arias can be treated includes face neck chest and hands.

Aquabration – $95(buy 6 get one free)

Aquabration is one of the best preventative and correcting treatments for acne and aging skin. Our unique method makes exfoliating and stimulating collagen production. Aquabration provides a gradual and gentle removal of a layer of the epidermis to encourage new healthy cell growth, which gives you younger, tighter looking skin.

Oxygen Facial – $125

This is one of the newest and most exciting areas of skin treatment. It involves the use of molecular oxygen delivered as gas mist. This brings an intensive concentration of pure oxygen which helps to heal and soothe damaged skin boost collagen and elastin. The aging process itself is linked to oxygen or rather lack of it. Your skin will be able to breathe again.

Purifying Skin-Enhancer Treatment – $60

This treatment cleanses the epidermis, purifying and detoxifying the skin and refining its texture. The skin is healthier and luminous and is visibly mattified.

Intensive Wrinkle Correcting – $75

This treatment corrects expression lines and the marks of time. Skin is visibly smooth and wrinkles as if erased. With repeated application, the skin gains renewed firmness.

Hydrobration Treatment – $140

Hydrobration is a multi step treatment that combines the benefits of the next level microdermabrasion and deep hydration the cocktails of peptides and hyaluronic asid hydrates and rejuvenates while microdermabrasion purifies and cleans. All in one treatment helps enlarged pores acne and oily prone skin sun Damage and uneven skin tone.

Teen Facial – $40

Specifically formulated to combat excessive shine and prevent future blemishes, for young skin prone to greasiness and breakouts.

Cell Restoring Treatment – $75

An excellent anti-wrinkle treatment that combines a tightening effect on the skin. The skin recovers vitality.

Gentleman Hot Towel – $60

Focuses on purifying and hydrating the skin, your skin will feel clean healthy and smooth. (Regular facials can prevent ingrown hairs from shaving)

Eye Contour Treatment – $25

This total treatment revives the eyes minimizing puffiness and dark circles. Especially formulates to restore a beautiful youthful looking face, for all women wishing to put sparkle back into their eyes.

Non-Surgical Face Lift – $120

RF Device delivers energy deep into the dermis this heating action causes collegen to immediately tighten, it brings a youthful appearance with a minimal risk when compared to surgery. Recommended to people with sagging and lose skin (ages 30-50)

IPL Photo Rejuvenation $99-250

The best and most popular cosmetic procedure to treat sun damage, brown spots, rosacea and acne clearance. (Prices vary on the treatment chosen)

IPL Treatments

Acne Clearance – $99
Rosacea – $125
Sun Damage – $225
Psoriasis – $99
Photo Rejuvenation – $250

IPL Hair Removal

Chin – $120
Upper lip – $99
Side Burns – $99
Under Arms – $150
Upper Arm – $150
Lower Legs – $200
Bikini – $150
Thighs – $250
Back – $400
Chest – $300
(per session, ask for monthly specials)


Face (Lip, chin, sides, eyebrows) – $25
Upper lip – $7
Eyebrows – $12
Underarms – $10

Make Up

Bridal Make Up – $40
Make Up Application – $25
Eyelash Tint – $15
Eye Brow Tint – $7